Frequently Asked Questions

 How to install !MC5 ?
Download the setup file of !MC5, start it and follow the instructions.
 Which ISDN hardware is recommended ?
For all Windows versions except any version of Windows Server we recommend the AVM Fritz!Card. Alternatively, especially for servers, the AVM B1 or all ISDN cards from Dialogic can be used. For use with virtual servers we recommend using an ISDN router. Products from Cisco and BinTec are known to work well.
 Where do I get the regular Odette-Identification ?
You can order and receive your regular Odette-Identification on the following internet site :
Please find further details regarding OSCAR (Odette System of Coding And Registration) here :
 How to enter the OSCAR-Code in the Odette ID Setup ?
Please enter values in the Odette ID Setup as follows :
  • ICD: Enter "0177" here. This is a fixed code.
  • Code: This code consists of 14 characters. Because the OSCAR-Code only provides 4 characters fill up the 10 leading characters with Zeros. (e.g. OSCAR-Code = "X00A" => Code = "0000000000X00A" ).
  • CSA: Enter 6 Zeros or leave the Field blank.
 How to register !MC5 ?
!MC5 will be registered online. Please follow the instruction.
 How to complete field "ISDN-Number Odette" ?
If the computer is attached to ISDN enter an available number at which the Odette MC can wait for incoming calls. A multiple reservation with telephone or fax is possible. However, no other ISDN communication software should use the same MSN. If a PBX is used just enter the extension number instead of the complete phone number.
 How to complete field "Complete ISDN-Number" ?
Enter the ISDN number as you would dial it on a standard phone including national pre-selection but no international pre-selection.
 How to complete field "Prefix PBX" ?
Enter the digits necessary for getting a line.
 Has !MC5 a remote control function ?
Yes, for detailed description please see !MC5 Manual.